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Qualitas Funds VI – Acquisition of Verified

We are pleased to announce the incorporation of Verified into the Qualitas Funds VI portfolio. The transaction was led by one of our reference GPs in the Nordic region.

Founded in 2012, Verified is a Sweden-based provider of a SaaS solution for digitising business processes around eSigning, elD and KYC/AML checks as part of signing legally binding contracts, conducting electronic transactions and customer onboarding. Besides the core signing and authentication workflows, Verified offers KYC/ AML functionality for checking companies or individuals against various registers and PEP/sanctions databases, for onboarding and continuous monitoring purposes. The company offers these solutions through proprietary workflows and integrations to a wide array of elD providers, data lookup services and other enterprise systems.

Verified has more than 3.000 customers in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, in key sectors such as insurance, audit, accounting and legal, who are under pressure to comply with changing AML regulations and demand intelligent solutions to reduce waiting times and optimise resources.