Co-investment fund program

Co-investing in best-in-class companies in the lower mid-market

Investment opportunity currently available


Private equity co-investment fund structure through FCR and SCR vehicles

Geographic focus

  • 85% in Europe: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
  • 15% in North America

Target portfolio

  • 20-30 companies

Optimal diversification

  • 15 countries
  • 6 currencies
  • 15 GPs
  • 5 vintages
  • Different strategies and sectors

Market segment

Lower mid-market: leading, profitable and growing SMEs

Capital efficiency

  • Fast deployment of 100% of the investor’s commitment
  • Returns on 100% of the commitment
  • Reduction in management fees

We analyse key factors to select unique co-investment opportunities

Learn about the type of companies we invest in

Each of our funds invests in 200 leading companies, operating in different sectors, in Europe and North America


Consumer goods


Industrials & material

Information & technology


Perfil de flujos de caja y funcionamiento del fondo

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Qualitas Funds Direct II – PRIIPs


Qualitas Funds Direct II

Hard cap: €100MM

Vintage: 2024

Status: open to investors

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