Investment programs

Efficient private equity

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We generate attractive returns by investing with the best private equity managers in the lower mid-market.

An efficient fund size results in faster deployment and distributions. We create long-term investment solutions that generate value across all stages of the economic cycle.

Advantages of our funds

We analyse more than 7.600 lower mid-market funds

We invest in a diversified manner in the best medium-sized companies at reasonable prices, with great growth potential and low leverage.

Access to the best private equity managers in the international lower mid-market

Qualitas Funds’ presence in the market and its extensive network of relationships allows it to invest in the funds, often oversubscribed, that offer the best returns.

Efficient capital management

By investing 100% of the capital quickly, we are able to shorten the life of our funds and reduce overall fees.

The attractiveness of private equity

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Investment solutions

Our investment programs offer attractive long-term returns by investing in optimally diversified portfolios. They are designed for clients who seek profitability, without compromising their peace of mind.

Fund of funds program

Target return:
15% net IRR; 2.0x TVPI
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Qualitas Funds VI

Size: €250MM
Vintage: 2024
Status: Open to investors

Qualitas Funds V

Size: €200MM
Vintage: 2022
Status: Investing

Qualitas Funds IV

Size: €178MM
Vintage: 2021
Status: Investing

Qualitas Funds III

Size: €131MM
Vintage: 2019
Status: Divesting

Qualitas Funds II

Size: €100MM
Vintage: 2018
Status: Divesting

Qualitas Funds I

Size: €51MM
Vintage: 2016
Status: Divesting

Co-investment fund program

Target return:
>20% net IRR; >2.4x TVPI
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Qualitas Funds Direct II

Size: €100MM
Vintage: 2024
Status: Open to investors

Qualitas Funds Direct I

Size: €40MM
Vintage: 2022
Status: Divesting