Unique methodology

Innovation at the service of our investors

Technological and human capabilities to select the best investments

Qualitas Funds offers a privileged access to the best private equity funds that generate attractive returns with low risk

Focus on the European lower mid-market

This market segment offers the best returns, buying companies with great growth potential, at attractive prices

Technological and human capabilities

Market intelligence to optimise investment selection. Qualitas Insight tracks more than 7.600 funds

Transparency and commitment

Proprietary platform that allows investors to analyse in depth their portfolio of funds and underlying companies

What we look at

Low risk approach investing in attractive mid-sized companies

Low entry prices


Low leverage

Net debt /EBITDA

Medium-sized companies

Sales (€MM)

Profitable companies

Target EBITDA margin

Growing companies

Target EBITDA growth

Commitment to our clients

Our investors are our most valuable asset. A dedicated team accompanies each client through all stages of their investment with us

Personalised service

Accessible team that offers transparent information and personalised attention to each investor.

Comprehensive, real-time data

Proprietary platform where our investors can view their position and analise in detail their portfolio of funds and underlying companies.

Alignment of interests

The Qualitas Funds team invests substantially in the same investment programs as their clients.

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ESG present in every decision and process

Learn about our responsible investment approach

Technological and human capabilities

At the heart of the Qualitas Funds’ investment process is our proprietary database, Qualitas Insight.

It is a unique platform with private and exhaustive information on private equity managers and their transactions.

We track more than 7.600 lower mid-market funds

Qualitas Insight collects data from more than 7.600 funds in Europe and more than 16.400 transactions across various sectors, regions and vintages.

We analise 40 essential factors

Structured investment process, which takes into account 40 key factors, which allows us to identify the best investment opportunities.

We select best-in-class managers

Portfolio construction with optimal geographic and sector diversification. We seek to invest in specialised managers and high-growth sectors.

The Qualitas Funds team stands out for its commitment to two fundamental pillars:

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