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Qualitas Funds I – Sale of Pagero

We are pleased to announce the successful sale of Pagero, a company within the Qualitas Funds I portfolio. The transaction was led by one of our managers based in the Nordic Region. The transaction resulted in a gross multiple of c.5,6x on invested capital and a gross IRR of c.30% for Qualitas Funds I investors.

Founded in the early 1990s, Pagero develops and markets Pagero Online, which enables customers to send, receive, and handle documents electronically with accurate data in the purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash, and logistics-to-pay processes.

Since Summa’s acquisition in 2017, Pagero has evolved into a global B2B communication business. ignificant achievements include four strategic acquisitions, most notably GoSocket, which expanded its presence in the LATAM region affirming its position as a global business network. ith a workforce of over 800 employees, operating in 31 offices across 20 countries, and serving customers in 140 nations, Pagero successfully went public in October 2021, raising SEK 465 million.