Today is a good day to start dreaming!

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The Qualitas Funds team has spent time thinking about how to materialize our concern and commitment to social and environmental matters. At the end of 2021, after the long and difficult period we are all going through, we wanted to share some hope and joy. We thought that the Christmas greeting was a good time to launch a new initiative that has education, the end of poverty and the reduction of inequalities as key pillars.

We have established a partnership with the Soñar Despierto Foundation by which, thanks to the Qualitas Funds Scholarships, adolescents who are forced to leave the protection system when they turn 18 can continue studying. In Spain there are more than 17,000 children and adolescents who grow up in shelters because their parents cannot take care of them. We had the opportunity become aware of their reality by sharing a fun Christmas” afternoon with the little ones in one of these centers. With them we decorated the Christmas ornaments that were later sent to our clients and friends along with the Christmas greetings. We are very excited and committed to this project and we invite you to join our cause.