Qualitas Funds II – Sale of Infobric

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We are pleased to announce the successful sale of Infobric, one of the portfolio companies of Qualitas Funds II. The sale was successfully executed by one of our Nordic managers and resulted in a gross return of c.3.7x invested capital for Qualitas Funds II investors. Furthermore, the manager decided to reinvest 1.0x in the company, aiming to capture additional future returns.

Infobric is a construction software company with the goal to protect workers and assets in a sustainable manner. The company offers end-to-end construction, infrastructure, and business services products, access, attendance, time management, machine and energy control solutions, fleet management and telematics through both software and hardware solutions.

During the three-year holding period, the manager effectively transformed Infobric from a hardware-led company into a hardware-enabled SaaS company with a recurring revenue model. The company shifted its focus from offering enterprise optimization solutions to providing comprehensive construction ecosystem solutions. Through 15 strategic bolt-on acquisitions, Infobric expanded into new regions and strengthened existing ones, establishing itself as a leading provider of construction solutions. Their geographical presence grew beyond Sweden, especially in Norway, the UK, and with potential entry into the Finland market