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Investor Service

If we have gone this far, it is thanks to the support of our customers. Qualitas has taken the step of placing the investor at the centre of its ecosystem. Keeping our ambition to generate excellent returns, we work daily to surpass ourselves in the quality of the service offered to ensure that the investors’s experience is as successful, enjoyable, and simple as possible.

Just as we invest in value and in the long term, we view our relationships with our clients as long-lasting and essential. Approaching each relationship with trust, honesty and transparency has given us loyal clients who invest with us successively in our programs. It is a privilege for us to be able to say that +90% of Qualitas’ clients trust us again.

Our team undergoes a continuous process of self-criticism to adapt its service to the needs of the investor, making available the human and technical resources necessary to provide a complete, intuitive, and constantly improving service.

More than 500 investors already trust Qualitas’ fund of funds programs.

Institutional clients

Building long-term relationships is our paramount priority.

The relationships with our clients reflects our investment thesis, always in value and long term.  Our fund of funds program presents an efficient solution to capital preservation needs, offering a degree of diversification that is difficult to achieve through an individual strategy.

Qualitas Funds offers institutional investors, Mutual Funds, Pension Funds, Family Offices, and individual investors, privileged access to the best managers in the lower mid market, in a program format that allows regular investment in new funds.

Qualitas has multiple institutional investors, some of which are considered the most prestigious investors in the country.

Qualitas offers its investors one of the best digital platforms in the market for detailed monitoring and analysis of the investment portfolio.

Private Banking

Allowing private investors to access alternative assets.

Qualitas works closely with the best European private banks to ensure that the non-institutional investor has access to quality assets in the private equity market, which has traditionally been restricted to institutional investors due to high minimum investment requirements.

Qualitas funds of funds allow access to the high returns of the private equity markets, with the service of a professional team exclusively dedicated and focused on minimizing risk and maximizing returns.

Qualitas was one of the first GP in Spain to obtain Type 2 approval and is authorized by the CNMV to market its funds among clients with investment amounts starting from 100,000 euros.