New acquisition: NITRADO

Funds of Funds Experts
Lower Mid-Market Experts

We are pleased to announce the first acquisition of our German manager in Nitrado as an asset in our Qualitas Funds IV portfolio.

Nitrado is a German company specialised in the provision of services and infrastructure to facilitate the development of multiplayer videogames by hosting both players and developers on its servers.  The GP is currently holding 75% of the company, with the founding partners keeping the remaining 25%.

It was founded in 2001, but it is not until 2012 that it is professionalized and registered in the German register of companies as Garbis GmbH. Since then, its growth has been exponential, and today it has 76 employees distributed between its headquarters in Karlsruhe (Germany) and its satellite headquarters in Nevada (USA). The company currently offers four product categories, among which are Hosting on players’ own servers that allow for multiplayer online games; The creation of specific servers for video game creators to test and develop them; A server that allows for the hosting of cloud storage services, voice services, web domains; And finally, protection software to avoid external attacks on these types of servers.

The drivers behind the acquisition of this company by our manager are based on the leading position that Nitrado currently holds in the market, the unstoppable growth of the industry at a global level and, above all, the fact that this company fits into GP’s investment philosophy, which specialises in the acquisition of this type of technology company.