New acquisition: JURK AB

Funds of Funds Experts
Lower Mid-Market Experts

We are pleased to announce the addition to the Qualitas Funds II portfolio of Jurk AB through our Swedish manager.

Jurk AB is a Swedish company mainly engaged in the installation and maintenance of escalators in the Stockholm region. After the effective completion of the operation the GP has acquired 67% of the company thus ensuring a majority stake in Jurk AB.

The company was founded in 1970 and at that time its activity was focused solely on the maintenance and installation of escalators. However, the growth experienced since the beginning has allowed the company to have 70 employees who are distributed to offer services not only in the maintenance and installation of escalators, but also in steel assembly and advanced welding technology. This growth translates into sales of SEK 150 million in the last year (€ 15 million).

Our manager intends with his investment to help Jurk AB to establish itself as a leading company within the sector. In addition, he firmly believes that this is a unique investment opportunity as it is a non-cyclical business with very positive expectations for future growth, all this added to the experience and proven reputation of the company.