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Qualitas funds of funds are the most efficient way to invest in a diversified portfolio in the best specialized managers in the European and American Lower Mid Market, through exclusive investment programs, and the best customer service in the industry.


Type Fund of funds
Target size of funds Between € 50 MM and € 500 MM
Diversification (# of funds) 10 – 14 funds
Diversification (# of companies) 100 – 120 companies
Geography UK, Italy, France
Geography (cont.) Scandinavia, Germany and Benelux
Stage Growth and LBOs
Currency Principally Euro, but also GBP, SEK and CHF

“QEP Mutual Private Equity Program I, FCR (“Qualitas Funds I” or ” the Fund”) is a fund whose objective is to generate superior returns for investors (15-20% gross IRR and over 2,0x gross return on investment) with low downside risk by investing in “Best in Class” Lower Mid Market European private equity funds (defined as funds of €50-500MM).
The focus of the Fund is to invest in 10-14 “Best in Class” Lower Mid Market private equity funds in 6 european regions: United Kingdom, France, German-speaking central European countries (Germany, Switzerland and Austria), Italy, Benelux (Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg), and the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden).
The Fund will only invest in funds managed by teams with excellent track records and prospects to generate top quartile results. The Fund does not invest in venture capital funds.”

Target diversification

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