Investment Philosophy

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Qualitas Funds seeks to invest in Europe’s best private equity funds within the mid-market segment by offering its investors privileged access, attractive returns and significant protection in unfavourable scenarios.

Market segment

  • Focus on the European mid-market segment with allocating capital to private equity funds of between EUR 50 and 500 million in size.
  • Target portfolio of around 15 funds each of which will typically invest in 10-12 companies with a total of 150-180 underlying companies within the fund of funds.


  • Average investment in each underlying fund of EUR 8-10 million.
  • Possibility of carrying out secondary operations on funds.
  • Option of making direct co-investments in individual companies.

Geographical scope

  • Coverage of the main European economies with presence in 14 different countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, England, and Ireland.
  • No involvement in Spanish funds as LP where Qualitas has direct activity as GP.
  • Exposure to all the main currencies of the European Union with 65% of the Euro zone.

Contributed value:

Value provided by Qualitas to the managers in which it invests

  • Access mainly to Spanish and Latin American investors with little presence in most European Mid Market funds, offering geographical diversification.
  • Long-term support thanks to the strength of Qualitas’ investor base with the majority of funds coming from insurance companies and social welfare institutions.
  • Successful experience of the Qualitas team in direct investments in private equity, growth, and energy.
  • Small size fund with easy to fit investment tickets.

Value provided by Qualitas to its fund investors

  • The identification of best in class mid-market funds in Europe which are less well known than the rest of the larger funds.
  • Privileged access to these funds with a fund that provides a differential value to European managers.
  • Efficient fund design to minimize the impact of the J-curve (annual or semi-annual funds that are invested faster, yield funds, fast rotating funds, direct and secondary co-investments, etc.).
  • Privileged access to an attractive flow of co-investment opportunities with the best European managers.