Distribution of PriceRunner

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PriceRunner, the swedish company in the portfolio of one of the most active and successful Nordic investors in the digital sector, has decided to make a redemption of preference shares following a very good performance of the business. PriceRunner has developed so well that the company had excess of liquidity that could be used to redeem the shares.

The PriceRunner investment was made in February 2020 and the distribution corresponds to 22% of the total investment. The distribution is made before the acquisition cost is drawn down from investors as the bridge facility has been used. The acquisition cost distributed is recallable according to the GP Investment Agreement. The distribution that Qualitas receives from the manager has been partially offset by a drawdown and the difference will be recycled to cover future capital calls.

PriceRunner is one of the leading Nordic price comparison sites that help consumers compare prices of products between different merchants and allows them to make wise purchasing decisions. The company also offers reviews and professional product tests.