Acqusition of three companies

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We are pleased to announce the acquisition by our German manager of three companies: Frank Original, C.F.K Fertigungstechnik and Precision Werks Group which will be part of Qualitas Funds IV portfolio.

These three companies are active in the German industrial technology sector. Following the completion of the deal, The GP will own a majority stake in all three companies.

Frank Original is a company dedicated to the manufacture of high quality technological spare parts for the agricultural industry. Its international presence in countries such as Germany, Hungary, Ukraine and Russia helps it to maintain a leading position in the European market. It currently employs 300 people.

C.F.K. Fertigungstechnik is a German company specialising in the manufacture of high-precision components through EDM technology. Its main customers are in the medical and aerospace industries where the highest quality standards are required.

Precision Werks Group is an industrial group of suppliers specialising in the manufacture of moulds and industrial components especially for the mobility industry. It has grown significantly in recent years and now employs more than 250 people.

The combined portfolio had a turnover of more than €100 MM in 2019.

Our manager is specialiced in acquiring portfolios of medium-sized companies. In this case, the three companies have been acquired from the GESCO group, and the motivation for the purchase is related to the good market position of the three companies, and to the good forecasts of the sectors in which they are located. GP’s experience in the technology sector will be very usefull to enhance the growth and positioning of the three companies.