Acquisition of Master

Funds of Funds Experts
Lower Mid-Market Experts

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Master by one of our Italian fund managers, who recently closed the transaction resulting in the purchase of 100% of the company.

Master is a company specialised in the production and sale of high-end gnocchi in Italy and in 15 other countries. Currently, its main customers are mass distribution retailers to which it sells its products, both chilled and frozen, through its own brand or by ceding its image to the benefit of private labels.

As regards its business strategy, it is based on achieving greater automation of production processes while always maintaining the basis of quality and freshness in the products it uses. As a result of this strategy, the company has significantly improved efficiency and profits, having generated around 20 million in turnovers by 2020.

For all these reasons, the manager considers the acquisition of Master to be a strategic purchase in a sector that is already consolidated but which has a high capacity for growth, not only in the Italian market but also in foreign markets where the company still has a lot of margins for penetration.