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2021 will be remembered as the year 1 a.p. (after the pandemic), a year of reconstruction and recovery for all sectors and economic activities, despite the seriousness of the social and health situation. For the Private Equity industry in Europe, this “new normality” has been particularly fruitful, experiencing a spectacular rebound in both number and volume of transactions. A V-shaped recovery now that it is so trendy to talk about curves.

During 2021, 7.197 deals were closed, worth €754.5 billion, eclipsing the previous 2019 record of 4.566 deals closed and the 2018 record of €498.2 billion in deal value, as reflected by numbers reported by Pitchbook in its 2021 Pitchbook European PE Breakdown report. 2021 Annual European PE Breakdown | PitchBook. This trend is also observed in the Spanish private equity industry, which has recorded its second-best year ever, experiencing a 19% increase in investment volume compared to last year, as reflected by ASCRII in its annual report: 2021 Resumen de la Actividad de capital Privado en España.

The pandemic has caused the number and attractiveness of opportunities in the market to skyrocket in recent months. In addition, fundraising activity in Europe continues to rise. These are the ingredients that have been mixed in the cocktail shaker to produce the most active year in the history of European Private Equity